OTT Electric China factory was established in May, 2000 in Pudong, Shanghai. OTT ensures excellent quality by importing full automatic production line and ERP system, synchronous product design with European and American countries, technology Research &Development and strict quality control. OTT China factory dedicated to designing and manufacturing series of Large volume electric water heater/Commercial electric water heater, Storage gas water heater/Commercial gas water heater, Main pressure tanks with copper/enamel coil, Flat plate solar system and Air source heat pump in the past 18 years. OTT had OEM and ODM cooperation with more than 20 international first-class brands. OTT products have been exported to 16 countries and regions and take a leading market share in Australia, New Zealand and so on. OTT products were granted lots of certifications such as SASO/PAL (Middle East), WATERMARK, SAA, AGA, GSCS(Australia), CE(EU), KTL(Korea), PSB (Singapore) successively since 2005.

        Nowadays concept of comfortable life and central hot water is accepted by consumers and mature in China's domestic market, 96 kinds of products suitable for China’s domestic requirements are selected by OTT into Chinese market to serve Chinese consumers from over four hundred kinds of global selling products, OTT will behave itself with higher standards and devote itself to the development of Chinese environmental protection and clean energy industry.

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